Babylon 5, a dumb reason to drop a show

I have always envied fans of Star Trek. There’s something pure about loving a show that’s already finished, and exists untouched and in the past. They don’t have to deal with new installments coming out from different directors, with different visions, and different world views, each serving as a new battleground for the fans to   →


An abnormal desire for confinement in an enclosed space Merriam-Webster; claustrophilia Merriam-Webster’s medical definition sounds a bit judgmental. Let’s ignore the word ‘abnormal’ in there. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been enamored with the idea of surviving in some small space, where people found lesser, cheaper, alternatives to every-day life. This would be strange   →

Hello world! :(

Finally bit the bullet and created a WordPress blog. Before creating this WordPress, I had originally hosted my website as a single .html file, with JavaScript to query my Tumblr blog, and simulate a “front page” as well as pages for singular blog posts. I’ll add a latest blog post about how I made this   →