hope monsoon

brief candle in the storm, cold hands hold a starby doubt and the rain, by the darkness my love, we are surrounded my love how long have we walked,too far to go homethe night asks of me, do you light the way do you

Babylon 5, a dumb reason to drop a show

I have always envied fans of Star Trek. There’s something pure about loving a show that’s already finished, and exists untouched and in the past. They don’t have to deal with new installments coming out from different directors, with different visions, and different world views, each serving as a new battleground for the fans to   →

How I Faked a Blog

First I should clarify my terms. When I say that I faked a blog, what I mean to say is that I faked having a CMS (content management system) on my website (raagnair.com). But why? TLDR: I uploaded my posts/photos on my tumblr blog, then used JavaScript inside of a simple index.html file to load   →

Bad Analysis – How Data Migration Turned Zen Parable to Zeno’s Paradox

This will be my first addition to my #errlog diaries – a chronicling of different failures in my past. Before I begin, I’d like to assure the reader that this entire post isn’t just an excuse to use that title.   This failure is localized to a single year-long project, and as such, I’m able   →

Interesting Failures

Well, I hope they’re interesting. My failures haven’t been very cheap, so the least they can do is provide a good story; a chronicle of cautionary tales for myself and others that happen to stop by. Now I’ve found myself with some time on my hands, and I’ve realized that it’s been ages since I’ve written anything   →


An abnormal desire for confinement in an enclosed space Merriam-Webster; claustrophilia Merriam-Webster’s medical definition sounds a bit judgmental. Let’s ignore the word ‘abnormal’ in there. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been enamored with the idea of surviving in some small space, where people found lesser, cheaper, alternatives to every-day life. This would be strange   →

Hello world! :(

Finally bit the bullet and created a WordPress blog. Before creating this WordPress, I had originally hosted my website as a single .html file, with JavaScript to query my Tumblr blog, and simulate a “front page” as well as pages for singular blog posts. I’ll add a latest blog post about how I made this   →